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Martha Stewart signed on with red velvet cake and white icing, Mac used lipsticks and Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street showed their support too. They are...

  After 2012, a year in which digital media continued to radically change our lifestyle, New York consulting firm, MBF predicts the top consumer trend...

From Sarah Sands of The London Evening Standard , a review of London 2012, what’s to come in 2013 and why she thinks it’s the greatest city in ...

Earthen tones associated with nature were used unexpectedly for luxury fabrics like leather, fur, brocade, satin and wool cashmere on the F12 runway at Mar...

Color inspiration comes from the Indian Hindu Festival of Colors known as Holi. During the festival, people playfully smear color on each other’s fa...

The Hunter Boots pop-up shop in Grand Central Station’s Vanderbilt Hall is set up like a traditional glass greenhouse complete with mist and moss.

Mashable reports that Beyonce Knowles is using her Tumblr page to give fans a taste of her newest album. Knowles dropped the song “Bow Down/I Been On&#...

CNN is reporting that the Internet sensation known as Grumpy Cat has been holding court during SXSW at the Mashable House, a temporary lounge run by the tech...

Dita Von Teese did more than show off her curves at Manhattan’s Ace Hotel Monday night. The burlesque star and fashion icon also modeled what designers M...

Thanks to James Thorne of Coolhunting for bringing Arrf Scarf Ice Cream for Dogs to my attention. Arrf Scarf is a Chicago-based company producing frozen yo...

Gill Linton, CEO and EIC of says, “There aren’t subcultures like there used to be. Fashion has become so driven by mass consumerism that...

New York
Consumer Intelligence
Consumer Intelligence
New York
Consumer Intelligence
Consumer Intelligence
Consumer Intelligence
Consumer Intelligence
Consumer Intelligence
Consumer Intelligence
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