Outside In by Neville Bean

The Outsider’s Vision What is the real impact of an artist or designer’s work over time? With hindsight, we see that the influential has trumped the trendy. We understand how important difference is to creativity. In this very dynamic moment of change, we need to remember those whose work shifted the way we think… innovators who helped us see the world through a different lens. The impulse to express oneself as an INDIVIDUAL is especially powerful in an age of global anonymity. We desire a unique voice in the cacophony. Alexander McQueen reminded us that fashion is costume—reflecting a far-flung range of personalities in their most impertinent guises. Vivian Westwood mined historic references to express her unique take on fashion and the human body.


The Steam Punk movement explores the time travel fantasies of a mad Inventor. Steam Age Industrial design references from the turn of the last century influence fashion and design with a sense that the fantastic is possible. With ingenuity, creative engineering and love of fine materials, these designers and artists challenge us to see design and modern technology from a different perspective.


Visionaries are often Outsiders, a point made especially clear to me when I recently stepped into the Outsider Art world with The Electric Pencil project, an amazing collection of drawings by an inmate of State Lunatic Asylum No 3 in Missouri. Lyle Rexer, an art critic and expert in outsider art says
Outsiders work without permission… outside popular norms of good taste and proportion

Style setters are often the outsiders in our midst. They create a unique persona… a personal style that expresses individuality and broadcasts a certain courageous creativity. They construct their own vision by combining elements—often inexpensive mixes of pieces that add up to a unique and impactful whole. There is a playful disregard for conventional proportion, tasteful combinations and polished beauty. This is where the street becomes a vibrant lab of ideas. Like lively conversations; the ideas flow and new associations are made… The stuff of creativity and innovation… And isn’t that just what we need right now?

Thursday, May 12, 2011 ยท Categories: Art and Photography, Trend Analysis, Fashion, Lifestyle
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