LIFESTYLE TRENDS: The Indivisible Individual by Neville Bean


I’ve been thinking about interconnectivity and individuality…and how these two disparate ideas weave together. We are experimenting with all kinds of networks - Social networks and Cyber Communities.  We’re organizing in fluid and innovative ways—all with the goal of getting to something interesting, informative or entertaining.

At the core of this experience, is the Individual - the unique person that ultimately creates a true connection - individual to individual.  We humans are self organizing, tribal, hierarchal… The important question is; once you’re organized into communities and groups, how do you differentiate yourself? How do you assert your individuality?



While we rush ahead on the wild ride of change and uncertainty, we are open to experimentation as we are reminded by life that change is the only constant.  The wonderful result has been an explosion of unexpected and refreshing originality in personal style…creativity with the courage to step out and be expressive!



This is not about Lady Gaga theatrics, but rather about touches that convey personality, humor and drama. The Cinematic flow of life prompts us to try on different roles…“who do I want to be today?”  It could also be about making your mark with a signature eccentric element.  The quintessentially human experience of “group” is constantly in flux…how liberating it is to plunge into these changes with an adventurous heart!


Neville Bean Design

Saturday, June 23, 2012 ยท Categories: Consumer Intelligence, Trend Analysis, Fashion
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