CONSUMER TRENDS: What’s Next for 2013? by MBF Consulting


After 2012, a year in which digital media continued to radically change our lifestyle, New York consulting firm, MBF predicts the top consumer trends for 2013 will include the importance of story-telling in retail, buying locally and the and the continued integration of sustainability into our everyday lives…



2012…what a year!!! As it sped by, the overriding theme was CHANGE and the big drivers delivering this change were technology and unpredictability. CHANGE challenged us to continuously look forward – without looking back.
CHANGE was all about what’s next?! The ever growing community both online and offline impacted us all. Digital media continues to radically change our lifestyle – the consumer is more knowledgeable than ever before and is capable of turning any industry upside down. For example, 24/7 has became the new norm for shopping – when, how and where we want it – on demand!



The art of story telling was finessed further and stood out against a landscape of sameness, helping to differentiate various brands and collections in the marketplace. ETSY is a great virtual example. Products for sale include the details about where and how the product was made. Treasure & Bond which donates its profits to children’s charities and ABC Home also use the story line approach to retailing.

Experience is the driver. According to The London Sunday Times, STUFFOCATION is set to be the buzzword of 2013, meaning the switch from our obsession with material goods to experiential ones. Our happiness will be defined by our experiences rather than by who has the hottest gadgets. For example, playing golf on a mountaintop and then bragging about it on Facebook or Instagramming a photo of the artisan bread you’ve just baked.


Local retains its importance – inviting us to be more conscientious about what, how and why we purchase. It beckons to us…to be more creative, to be idea generators, to think out of the box, to break the norm, to be different, small but unique. According to the trend analyst Marian Salzman, we’re going one step further from authentic with NATIVE becoming the ultimate proof point. In an increasingly virtual world knowing where something, or someone, is from will become an obsession.



Sustainability will continue to be more and more integrated in our every day lives. The unpredictability of the impact we have on our environment makes it ever more important to all of us. As JWT points out, in a bid to be more green, apparel sellers are ramping up efforts to keep clothing out of landfills. In 2012, Puma introduced Bring Me Back, adding in-store bins into which shoppers can deposit used clothing and shoes of any brand for reuse. In FEbruary 2013 H&M will similarly start collecting used clothing. Also Marks & Spencer offer “shwopping” (shopping + swapping), collecting used garments in collaboration with Oxfam.

So…our motto for 2013 is…keep it simple, learn to let go, ride the wave, and most of all, enjoy it!!! Do what you love, be who you are, and approach life and your profession with unbridled passion. From all of us at MBF Trend Consulting, may 2013 be a year of amazing, head-turning passion and success!

Sunday, January 06, 2013 · Categories: Consumer Intelligence, Sustainability
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