COLOR TREND INSPIRATION: Holi, the Hindu Festival of Color

Holi is the Indian name for the Hindu Festival of Colors, celebrating the advent of spring and the triumph of ‘good’ over ‘bad’.  During the festival, people playfully smear color on each other’s face and splash water using colored powders called Gulaal and wet colors or ‘Rang. Colors were originally prepared naturally from the flowers and other products that had dyeing properties. However, with time, in the quest for more long-lasting and strong colors, chemically enhanced and artificial colors came into vogue. But the harmful effects of these chemicals have created a turn-about to the natural colors. Certain colors are used to represent certain emotions, red for purity, green for vitality, blue for calm and sedateness and yellow for piety. On this day, people hug and wish each other ‘Happy Holi’. The application of colors has in a way become an expression of love as partners desire to color and be colored by their mates.





There is a legend behind the use of colors on Holi. According to the Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna started the tradition of playing with colors during the festival. He was jealous of his soul mate - Radha’s fair complexion, because he was dark in color. The young Krishna often complained about his dark skin tone to his mother - Yashoda. To placate the child, Yashoda asked him to smear color on Radha’s face, so that her fair complexion is masked. Obeying his mother, Lord Krishna applied color on Radha’s face, which changed her complexion. The playful and mischievous Krishna started the game of playing with colors and this is how, the celebration of Holi with colors was started.

Holi Palette with Sophicolor


Taking inspiration from Holi, The Color Run is a 5K held in cities across The United States with runners wearing white shirts and shorts being doused in color as they run! Each kilometer of the event is associated with a designated color: yellow, orange, pink, or blue.


The Color Run




For Spring/Summer 13, designer Sophie Theallet uses a “Holi” palette.




For more Holi images visit Hall Five on Pinterest

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