Fashion is Getting #OUTOFHAND, says Byronesque!

For fashion week, online vintage retailer and editorial publication, has released a series of posters throughout New York City that
comment on the current state of the fashion industry through thought-provoking quotes from cultural luminaries. The four different posters feature the following quotes:

• “It’s getting out of hand”- Ian Curtis

• “Buy less, choose well”- Vivienne Westwood

• “Your future dream is a shopping scheme”- Johnny Rotten

• “I never think that people die, they just go to department stores” - Andy Warhol

Gill Linton, CEO and EIC of says, “There aren’t subcultures like there used to be. Fashion has become so driven by mass consumerism that everyone looks the same and it’s hard to be really inspired anymore.”


Aside from the poster campaign, Fashion influencers like designer/Huffpost contributor, Malcolm Harris, The Black Soft, Enrique Mosqueda of Kidnapped Culture and Born Again Goth, Dean of The School of Fashion at Parsons, Simon Collins and Yana Kamps, will be wearing an original punk jacket from Byronesque, painted with “OUT OF HAND” at NYFW.

Through the posters and the jacket, seeks to express their point of view that the dominant contemporary culture has become too ‘fast’. Designers create too many collections each year, only to be copied in mass quantities by the high street, and the pillaging of vintage archive looks and designers’ ideas has become the accepted order of business.

“We should take inspiration from the people who did things better the first time around and create something authentically new,” says Linton. “Instead, we’re going around in fast creative circles rather than making progress. Fashion week should be a privilege. Only for the most creative, inspired minds. Who push our imaginations and challenge today’s overly commercial fashion mediocrity. #OUTOFHAND is for the fashion troublemakers.”



Friday, February 08, 2013 · Categories: Consumer IntelligenceFashionMarketing and AdvertisingLifestyle
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